Identity, Website UI & UX, Development

Identity, Website UI & UX, Development

Unite-films contacted me in April 2021 to create their first website. The company has been active in the film, series, and documentary production industry since 2004, but has never had a strong digital presence. Taking inspiration from their American counterparts at A24, the initial brief was to draw from their website while creating a unique identity and universe specific to Unité. At the start of the project, the company’s logo designed by Clément Deneux in 2021 was shared with me, as well as the chosen typography: the Akkurat and DINNextLTPro font families. I enlisted the support of art director Mathilde Gaussen to help establish the artistic direction of Unité. One of the strong and lasting ideas we developed early on was to play with the accent of the É in UNITÉ, using it throughout the graphic design, CTAs, and hovers on the site. Alongside the development of the UI and UX, special attention was paid to the development of the database, which needed to be robust and easy for the client to manage. With the development team at GdelaM, we quickly decided to use the WordPress CMS, which reduced development costs. The database includes a highly advanced project page template, in which the client can edit titles, directors, authors, cast, synopsis, release dates, selections, streaming platforms, movie posters, screenshots, related productions, featured choices, and more. Check out the website.

Welcome to my portfolio! Graduated from Penninghen in 2019 with my project in Art Direction and UI Design, MovementStud.io, I started my career as a freelancer. From startups to large corporations, I am able to propose creative and innovative digital concepts, create designs, interactive wireframes and develop responsive products. I work in close collaboration with other freelancers, such as developers, 2D/3D designers, photographers, and video makers, in order to shape bespoke experiences and enhance your brand image.


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